Wednesday - Lake Ann 2017
9:23am - 08/16/2017


The morning started at the regular time of 7:00 am and it’s chilly but nice. The breakfast was pancakes (with berry or maple syrup), whipped cream, and bacon.  The Lake Ann staff was very excited to put smiles on our breakfast plates this morning.  The band also showed off their section shirts see during the webcast. At 8 am, the band returned to the field to finish “Hocus Pocus” drill. Before the students left the field, Mr. Sekich held his annual Olympic games with the kids. You can see in pictures they are really having a good time.

At 11:30, the band broke for lunch. Lunch today was Philly cheese steak, French fries, shredded cheese, lettuce and tomato. Lunch was served with fresh veggies and canned fruit. The students relaxed and hung out with one another until it's time to return to the field at 1:30 pm.

The band will return to the field at 1:30 for more rehearsal and drill work. The band worked on the “Hocus Pocus” drill and started their “Wicked” drill.

At 2:30 – the band broke for free time – they had several choices today (paintball, Red Canoe, waterfront, or zip line. The kids seemed to be really enjoying themselves and you can hear lots of laughter around the camp even though they are tired.

Reminder- The Live Webcast from Lake Ann will be TONIGHT (Wednesday) at 7:00 – 8:00 pm.  Please let someone know if you need the password. You will find a Remind message, an email from Mr. Austerman, or Band Facebook page with the information.

Live Webcast – SHS “Wizards and Magic”


If you need the password, please check the SHS Band Facebook page or E-mail blast. We don’t mind if you share the link with your family but we ask that you do not share the password over open social media for the privacy reasons. Thanks so much for understanding. We can’t wait to show you a preview of the show so far :)

Dinner today was oven roasted chicken, baked potato fries, vegetables, and jello fluff.  5:30 call time to the field was a must to get ready for the section pictures and the Live webcast!!! They were very excited to show their families what it is like at Lake Anns. Families were able hear the band learning their last drill set by set. For the first year, families could see the how the students pieced each set of their drill together.

Around 9:00, the band was released to go get ready for the dance. The dance was held right at the camp. All 171 students walked down to the cafeteria for pizza, fun, and dancing thanks to DJ Mike.  The chaperones decided to create their own photo booth for the kids to enter and create their own pictures. The students danced all night long with their friends until about 10:30. The final song was dedicated to the class of 2018 and several tears were shed.  As the seniors were in the center of the circle, underclassman huddled around them to show support to the seniors. The students returned to their cabins and it was lights out for the night. Good night from Lake Ann and Go TITANS!

Please enjoy all of the fun pictures we took today (Wednesday) on Photobucket - Don't forget to "Save" your favorites :)

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