Thursday - Lake Ann 2017
1:00pm - 08/17/2017

The morning started off slowly due to the dance being the night before.  The fog was very thick this morning. The kids are tired but willing to work hard on their “Wicked” drill before the rain started. By 10:00, the rain started to fall and the band walked over to the Tin Can for an indoor music rehearsal. By the end of rehearsal this morning, the rain had stopped and the band headed to lunch.

  At about 11:30, the band broke for lunch – pizza and pineapple.

After lunch, the band quickly returned to the Tin Can to pick up their instruments and returned to the field for afternoon rehearsal. They plan on cleaning their show and running through their entire drill in sets.

Sadly, rehearsal was cut short due to a rainstorm that blew our way. The band ran back to their cabins to wait out the storm and get ready for their free time. Around 3:00, the students were given free time to play paintball, zip line, or the Red Canoe. Swimming was not an option due the rain. Dinner was served at 4:45. The Lake Ann staff served us roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, rolls, and yummy pudding. 

When the students finished dinner, a rainstorm rolled back in and the band was told to go back to their cabins until told otherwise. During the time, cabin cleaning and organizing was happening. At 6:45, the rainstorm stopped and the band headed out to the marching field to clean and play more of their drill for their “Wizard and Magic” show.  



The band returned to their cabin to start cleaning and was told to meet around 9:00. They ended their night at the senior circle. When senior circle ended, the seniors earned the right to stay up and hang out together one last time. This has been an ongoing tradition the last night of camp for the seniors since 2009. However, due the rain and the wet field, the seniors hung out and played games in the Red Canoe until 1:00 am. 

** The webcast is available to watch again if you want to – you will use the same link and password as before. **

Please enjoy all of the fun pictures we took today (Thursday) on Photobucket - Don't forget to "Save" your favorites :)

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