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Welcome families and alumni to the Stevenson Titan Away Camp Blog.
 Below you will find a blog about what the students have been doing during the day.
We hope you take the time to read them and look at the pictures.

Sunday's Notes from Lake Anns

The band left Stevenson's parking lot at 8:30 am with 150 kids on three ground transportation buses, three motorcycles, one UCS van, a U - haul truck, a handful of chaperones, and our very own Titan trailer packed full. We stopped for lunch about 11:00 am and we arrived at camp at 2:00. The first thing on the list to do was take our annual group photo in front of the Lake Ann arch. The rest of the time was given to get to explore the campus and socialize with friends.

Dinner was served at 4:45 pm - Pulled Pork, mash potatoes, a roll, green beans, and a delightful brownie. The band needed to report to the field at 5:45 for their first rehearsal on field. They worked on the basics of marching and part of their "Superman" Drill.  Before the night was over, the students earned their first gift at Lake Ann- a personal "Stevenson Titan Marching Band" water bottle. Special Thanks to Mrs. Julie Cappel, a retired band booster, for the donation. The band had until 10:30 to socialize and needed to be in the cabins by 11:00 for lights out. It's a very quiet night here at Lake Ann, hopefully everyone enjoys their first night here and is well rested in the morning.

Please Be Patient with us and check this site often as photo's will be added as fast as country internet will let us!

Monday's Notes from Lake Anns

The morning started with breakfast at 7:00 am and on the field by 8:00. Today is costume day at Lake Ann - therefore you might see some of your favorite characters on the marching field.  The morning was cool but the temperature and humidity level continued to rise. The kids started with a music rehearsal of their show and reviewed the "Superman" drill. By lunch, they marched and played the entire Superman drill.  At 11:30, we broke for lunch- a fan favorite - chicken patty day with fries. At 1:00, the kids returned to the field to concur more drill. The students started on their 2nd drill of the show, "Rocky". Wait until you see what the band has in store - It will sure knock your socks off... The band worked until free choice time at 2:30. The choices of the day are games in the Red Canoe or different sports games around the camp.
Around 3:00 pm, the section leaders met Mr. Rose for their annual team building activity called Goliath. The name says it all. Goliath is a challenging "ladder" that involves four people traversing four beams to the top. Ring the bell at the top...if you can make it. Everyone had to work together to accomplish a goal of ringing the bell at the top. Dinner (Lasagna with assorted vegetables) was served at normal time (4:45 pm) and they quickly met at the field to work on Rocky. The temperature dropped drastically and the rain poured in leaving the band to run back to their cabins and end rehearsal a little earlier than normal. As the rain came down, many sections took advantage of it and practiced their skits for skit night tomorrow. At around 9:00 pm, the rain stopped and the band returned to the field to spend their night roasting s’mores and hot dogs over six campfires. Many new marchers also enjoyed looking up at the stars because their much more visible than at home.  You could hear the excitement through songs around camp. The party ended at 11:00 pm as the band was told lights out. Good night from Lake Ann's... There will be more exciting things in the upcoming days.

Please remember our Annual Webcast tomorrow at 7:00 pm. You will be able to see the band live from Lake Ann.  The link will be posted on Facebook as a reminder.

Tuesday's Notes from Lake Anns
The morning started at the regular time of 7:00 am and it was pretty cloudy. The band is working hard on cleaning and perfecting the Superman and Rocky drill.
They broke for lunch about 11:00. Today's lunch was taco salad with a side of chips and salsa.
The kids returned to the field at 1:00 for sectional time in their sections. After sectional rehearsal, each section split for free time.
Around 2:00, the group was given free choice, one of the choices being bubble soccer.  The sections went head to head against each other in giant bubble balls. It ended up being a ball of fun. If the students did not want to play, they were able to visit the Red Canoe for special treats or hang out with friends around the camp.
Dinner was served at 4:45 - Tonight's meal was hamburgers.
With the campers full of food, the band proceeded to the field to get ready for the live webcast. They were very excited to show their families what it is like at Lake Anns. You were able to hear the band play through the drills that they have learned so far. We had to sign off early due to a quick storm that decided to join in on the fun. At our sign off, the band quickly ran off the field to get ready for ice cream and section karaoke. Each group did an amazing job and sure left each other with many laughs. Mr. Sekich said it's the best we have had so far.  Each group was very unique and entertaining in their own way. The band  ended their night at 11:00 and lights were out quick.

If you missed the webcast - You may log back in and watch the entire show.  It is the same link and password :)

Reminder: You may also want to send an email out to your student while they are here at Lake Ann. You may do that by emailing Please include your child's name or the name of the person the letter goes to in the subject.

Wednesday's Notes from Lake Anns
The morning started at the regular time of 7:00 am and it was a lot cooler than it has been all week. The band is working hard on their drill.  During rehearsal, Mr. Sekich desided to bring back the Olympic Games. This time, one member from each section had to stand back to back and put a pair of ladies panty hose on their head. The obsticle of the game was to see who could make it to their line first. We had many failed attempts but it was fun to watch. The band then returned back to work on their 3rd drill "Mulan". They have one more drill to go before they start to clean their entire show.  At 11:00, the band broke for lunch. Lunch today was chicken fingers with creamy mac and cheese. At about 1:00, the
 band broke off for sectional time in their sections. After sectional  rehearsal, each section split for free time. They returned to the field about 2:00 where the seniors desided they wanted to end practice a little earlier than planned. They decided the best place to go was the beach for free choice. With a few laughs, Mr. Sekich let the rest of the band go early to free time . The choices were the lake front, Red Canoe,  or paintball. The students that choice to go to the lake was able to try out the new slide. Dinner was at the normal time. The students returned to the field at 5:30 to march and profect the drills that they learned. They also finished the 3rd drill and started to clean it. Wait to you see what the band has in store.... I promise it will knock your socks off.
Around 9:00, the band was released to go get ready for the dance. This was the first time holding the dance at the camp .All 160 students walked down to the cafiteria for pizza, fun, and dancing thanks to DJ Steve.  The chaperones desided to create their own photobooth for the kids to enter and create their own pictures. The students danced all night long with their friends until about 11:15. The final song was dedicated to the class of 2016 and several tears were shed. The students returned to their cabins and it was lights out for the night. Good night from Lake Ann and Go TITANS!

Stay tuned for the pictures. As of now, I am still working on uploading pictures to Monday and Tuesday.  Check back to the photos tonight to see more :) We hope you are enjoying the journey we are having...

Thursday 's Notes from Lake Anns
The morning started off really slowly due to the dance being the night before.  The weather was not our friend today. The temperature was 65 degrees and VERY wet.   Breakfast was at the same time as usual however the seniors decided that we needed a little noise and a parade in the dining hall. Right after breakfast, the band returned to the field to learn the last part of their drill. They are really focused and ready to finish their drill even thought the rain continued to come down on them.  The boosters supplied ponchos and everyone was happy about that.

At about 11:30, the band broke for lunch, hot dogs or brats, cheesy potatoes, and a cookie for dessert.  After lunch, the band quickly returned to the tin can before breaking off for sectionals. At 2:15, sectional time was over and the band came back together for a focused music rehearsal at the Tin Can. Around 3:00, the students were given free time to play paintball, go to the Red Canoe, or swim in the lake. I don't think anyone choose the lake option due to the cold weather. Dinner was served at 4:45. When the students finished dinner, they returned to the field to perfect the last few pages of drill. In the end, they did it and decided that they would clean up the drill on Friday. The night was theirs and they could go out in the camp to celebrate with friends.

Pictures will be downloaded tonight  - Thank you for being patient, we have many more photos and I promise when we get back to high speed interest that I will upload more. ☺

Also - LAST CALL for emails to your child. If you planning on sending an email to your child - please do it before noon tomorrow. The emails will be printed off and given to your child at dinner tomorrow night.

Friday's Notes from Lake Anns

It's Friday - Can you believe it :)
The morning started off really early for our senior class. The band reported to the field to find the senior prank on the field.   The seniors decided to hide in the trailer jump out and silly sting the band. After the fun, the seniors quickly picked up the mess and afterwards the band started morning stretches and played through their entire show. The band also marched through their entire show without stopping. At that point, they then got straight down to work to start cleaning spots of the show. At 11:15, the band broke for lunch and free time and was told to return to the tin can at 1:15. The band once again returned to the field to clean their drill. The students at lunch at their usual time, today was pizza.  They returned to the tin can for sectionals and they broke for a break around 2:15.  Before the band broke, Mr.Sekich told the band who won penny wars, section car washes, and competed in their annual spam-carving contest. The clarinet section won the spam-carving contest. They also won the penny wars and earned the honor to pie Mr.Sekich in the face. They enjoyed it and all had a great time. Around 3:00, the band broke for free time at the lake or zip line. The students had a choice on which one they wanted to do.  Dinner started about 4:45 and it was steak.    For the last time this week, the students returned to the field to once again work out the sticky parts of their drill. About 8:00 - The band took the field for the last time and marched their entire 2014 show for the Lake Ann Staff. After the last of the group pictures were taken, the students and staff packed up the trucks and trailer and headed back to their cabins to start packing up their things. The band had one last tradition at 9:00 where they headed out with staff in toe to senior circle. The night was a late one but was enjoyed by all.

As Promised - Mr. Sekich and the boosters have decided to do another webcast from Lake Ann Camp. For the first time ever, you will get to see the LIVE halftime show of "Heart of a Hero". We will be marching the entire show for Lake Ann staff. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Webcast time: 7:45 pm - 8:45 pm
Live webcast  - click here to see the show
Please see facebook page for password

You may rewatch the webcast as many times as you would like

Saturday's Notes from Lake Anns

The morning started off really early for our last breakfest at Lake Ann, the triditional cinnimon rolls.  The students were told to go back to their cabin and start to pack up their luggage. The busses pulled out of Lake Ann around 11 and returned to Stevenson around 3:00. All were tired and glad to be home.